About us

Just Cheesecake Outlet is an excellent venue showcasing the region's finest cheesecake and desserts. Situated in a warm atmosphere at The EatUp Market, Just Cheesecake Outlet has earned praise for its creative and flavorful cheesecake offerings, which are crafted on-site using only fresh, premium ingredients. With consistently positive online reviews, Just Cheesecake Outlet has distinguished itself as a premier downtown El Paso dessert establishment worth visiting.

"Light and fluffy, this cheesecake whispers with a hint of lemon zest and vanilla bean. nestled into a graham cracker or chocolate crust, this creamy confection will surprise and please even the toughest of palates."

"There's nothing factory about our cheesecakes"



In 2002, Carlos opened his first restaurant, A Taste Of Buffalo, in New Mexico with the goal of becoming a great restauranteur. To achieve this, Carlos and his Master Baker, Elaine, conducted extensive tests and experiments in the kitchen to discover the perfect cheesecake recipe. They settled on a formula that uses only the finest ingredients available: premium cream cheese, fresh heavy cream, eggs, and a touch of vanilla. No water or fillers are used in the recipe - everything is hand-blended in small batches and mixed together for optimal results. To this day, our cheesecake is still prepared with the same care and attention to detail as it was when Carlos and Elaine first developed their recipe in 2002. The entire process takes place in a family-owned bakery where all our cheesecakes are handmade with premium ingredients.